jyouya Bioengineering Technology Co., Ltd.

Focus on the creation of immune and molecular POCT production lines

jyouya Bioengineering Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Science and Technology Park, Xuancheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, Anhui Province. Products - high-end medical devices and in vitro diagnostic reagents for molecular diagnosis, as well as traditional Chinese medicine devices for medical and health care.

The company attaches great importance to the development and innovation of new technologies. Since its establishment, the company has set up a number of international advanced research and development tasks, including the successfully developed automatic nucleic acid extraction and purification instrument, chemiluminescence instrument, PCR instrument and other key product transformation tasks. Among them, the fully automatic nucleic acid extraction and purification instrument has passed functional tests, process tests, commissioned inspections and user trials. It has independent intellectual property rights and enterprise stxiyukejirds. It has reached the international advanced level after being identified by experts and novelty evaluation by authoritative departments.

  • 4200

    Business area

  • 25


  • Team and R&D Capability

    With a high-level talent team as the main body, a research and development center has been established, focusing on the research and development of high-end molecular diagnostic instruments. There are 16 R&D personnel in the R&D center, including 3 with doctoral degrees, 9 with master's degrees, and 4 with senior professional titles; their majors cover biomedical engineering, precision instruments, optoelectronic control, automatic control, and software engineering.

    The R&D center consists of the Instrument R&D Department, Molecular R&D Department, Protein R&D Department, and Biomaterials R&D Department. It was awarded the 金年会平台Xuancheng Molecular Diagnostic High-end Medical Device Engineering Technology Research Center金年会平台 by Xuancheng Science and Technology Bureau, and was awarded 2019 by Xuancheng Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. Annual 金年会平台Top Ten Enterprises in Technological Innovation金年会平台.

    Company size and equipment conditions

  • 4200㎡ of stxiyukejirdized workshop

    · 200㎡ R&D laboratory

    · 850㎡ Class 100,000 and Class 10,000 GMP workshops for in vitro diagnostic reagents

    · 550㎡ medical device production workshop

    · 600㎡ Warehousing

    · 300㎡ Quality inspection area

  • Production and inspection layout

    · Has 10 medical device/equipment production lines

    · Has a full set of equipment for the production and inspection of instruments and equipment, including electrical parameter testers, leakage current testers, withstand voltage testers, grounding resistance testers, electrostatic discharge generators, surge generators, oscilloscopes, universal material tensile testing machines, etc. relative devices.

  • Hotline: 0563-2827-888

    Address: Building B17, Science and Technology Park, Xuancheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, Anhui Province

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